Mention for "GATHER software program within the system for identification of powered roof support components" in the ranking of "The most innovative products in Poland in 2011" organized by the Institute of Economics of the Polish Academy of Sciences and MSN Scientific Network (December 2011)

Mention in the category: Technical and organizational solutions for "DSE-400 electric jet blower" in the XXXIX edition of the Polish Competition in Improvement of Work Conditions (November 2011)

Gold medal for the solution "UO dust  collecting equipment with WIR wortex ventube" - POLEKO International Trade Fair of Environmental Protection (November 2011)

Gold medal for innovative solution: "PCA-1 suspended battery drivetrain" - 60th Jubilee of World Exhibition on Innovation, Research and New Technologies "BRUSSELS INNOVA 2011" (November 2011)

Special Prize of Director the Institute for Engineering of Polymer Materials and Dyes for "Innovative method for determination of phthalates and cadmium content in plastic packaging and products intended for use by children" - RubPlast Expo Fair of Plastic and Rubber Processing Industries (October 2011)

Gold medal with mention at 5th International Exhibition of Innovation in Warsaw for "PCA-1 suspended battery drivetrain" (October 2011)

Gold medal for innovative solution: "INSTO System of Interactive Manuals" granted by the Croatian Association of Inventors - 63rd Interantional Trade Fair "Ideas, Inventions, New Products iENA 2011" (October 2011)
Gold medal and Ukraine Special Award for innovative solution "PCA-1 Suspended battery drivetrain" during VII International Salon of Inventions and New Technologies - New Time 2011 (September 2011)
Mention in the Laboratory Technology and Equipment Exhibition ExpoLAB 2011 for: "Accredited acceptance, safety, functionality tests and test of final products and prototypes for their environmental impact carried out for certification purposes and for products improvement" (October 2011).
image image Medal in the Competition "Innovation solutions in machine construction and mining equipment" in category "Safety improve " for the product "INSTO System of Interactive Manuals" - the International Fair of Mining, Power Industry and Metallurgy - KATOWICE 2011" (September 2011).

Golden emblems of QUALITY INTERNATIONAL 2011 in the following categories:

  • QI ORDER - highest quality management
  • QI SERVICES - highest quality services

(July 2011)



Gold medal in category "Transfer of the results of the scientific research into economic practice" for the solution "INSTO System of Interactive Manuals" - Poznan International Fair (June 2011).
image image Special distinction at the Concours-Lepine Fair - Medal of the French association of inventors and manufactures for "Acoustically low-emission ventialtion system objects" (March 2011).



Statuette and Diploma for special activity in promotion of inventions abroad granted by the Minister of Science and Higher Education (March 2011).
image Diploma granted by the Minister of Science and Higher Education for invention "Damper of intake hood and exhaust hood for cooperation with fans of high power” (March 2011).
image Distinction in competition the Mining Success of Year in the category "Innovation" for development and implementation of the solution: "Integrated platform for identification and recording of machines, devices and their components" (February 2011).