Fixed scope of accreditation

Fixed scope of Laboratory accreditation includes the following tests:

  • tests of metal products and protective coatings as regards chemical composition, thickness, hardness, roughness, resistance to corrosion and identification of surface and internal defects,
  • non-destructive tests of welded joints,
  • tests of mechanical and functional properties of baby walking frames, baby carriers, baby chaise lounges, baby joggers and stands, soothers, drinking utensils, soother fasteners, cutlery and feeding equipment,
  • tests of safety of electric toys,
  • tests of safety of playground equipment and surface,
  • tests of cadmium, dyes, formaldehyde and volatile compounds in products, including children articles,
  • tests of migration of monomers, plasticizers, antioxidants, MBT (2-mercaptobenzothiazol) and bisphenol A from children articles,
  • tests of articles intended for contact with food for formaldehyde content and its specific migration,
  • tests of fastness of colour to water and sweat.


Laboratory of Material Engineering and Environment
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