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KOMAG - Supporting Member of the Polish Acoustical Society

Image According to the Board decision from 9th September 2008 the KOMAG Mining Mechanization Centre became a member of the Polish Acoustical Society (PAS). PAS membership creates a possibility of a joint realization of research projects and services as well as it enables to use of laboratories of the Polish Acoustical Society and its research base. 

The PAS membership gives KOMAG an access to the library resources with so important scientific journals as: “Archives of Acoustics” and “Acta Acustica”.The Board decision on the KOMAG membership in the PAS confirms the recognition of the KOMAG achievements in the domain of applied vibroacoustics, especially as regards a reduction of noise and studies on a distribution of acoustic field.

It should be mentioned that the Polish Acoustical Society has started its activity due to Professor Ignacy Malecki’s initiative. Since the very beginning it has had a character of a scientific association. Outstanding scientists such as Prof. Stefan Czarnecki, Prof. Leszek Filipczynski and Prof. Tadeusz Powalowski took part in its activity. Currently the following outstanding scientists take part in the PAS activity: Prof. Jerzy Sadowski, Prof. Zbigniew Engel and Prof. Adam Lipowczan.

The Polish Acoustical Society, which belongs to the European Acoustic Association, realizes the following objectives:

  • a development of acoustics and related fields,
  • a collaboration with the scientists who are involved in acoustics and related fields,
  • a popularization of acoustics as regards scientific achievements and its significance for the society, Polish economy and environment. 

For more than fifty years the Polish Acoustical Society has been the organizer of the “Open Seminar on Acoustics”, the most important Polish conference on acoustics, starting from acoustics of environment, through acoustics of closed space to the psychoacoustics. It is worth mentioning that the Building Research Institute, which is known for its pioneering work as regards acoustics, the Polish Noise Abatement League, the Institute of Fundamental Technological Research and SVANTEK Ltd., which is a manufacturer of gauges and measuring systems for acoustics, are also supporting members of the PAS.Detailed information on the Polish Acoustical Society can be found on the website http://www.ippt.gov.pl/akustyka/.