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organized within the celebrations of the 60th Anniversary
of the KOMAG Mining Mechanization Centre

15th – 17th November 2005, Zakopane – Poland
Mr. Wojciech Bradecki,  President of the WUG State Mining Authority

Conference is supported by the European Commission
under the Fifth Framework Programme: Accompanying Measures


15th November 2005 (Tuesday)

10.00-13.00 Arrival of the conference participants at the “Kościelisko” Congress and Recreation Centre in Zakopane

13.00-14.00  Lunch

14.00-14.30 Opening of the conference and inauguration of the Jubilee Session – Mr. Wojciech Bradecki – President of the WUG State Mining Authority, Dr. Andrzej Meder – KOMAG Managing Director


Chairman: Professor Adam Klich – KOMAG

14.30-14.45  KOMAG – AGH co-operation in the domain of high-pressure water  jet cutting – Antoni Kalukiewicz – AGH University of Science and Technology

14.45-15.00 Effects of using water jets in rock mining using cutting tools – Piotr Gospodarczyk – AGH University of Science and Technology

15.00-15.15 High-pressure aided rock cutting using discs – Krzysztof Kotwica – AGH University of Science and Technology

15.15-15.30 The use of cuttability factor for selecting and designing helically-gashed cutters – Krzysztof Krauze – AGH University of Science and Technology

15.30-15.45 Using of neuron networks for forecasting of cutting tools load – Józef Jonak – Lublin University of Technology

15.45-16.15 Discussion

16.15-16.30 Coffee break

16.30-16.45 Co-operation of the Mining Mechanization Institute of  the Silesian University of Technology with KOMAG  in an improvement of designing methods and operational safety of mining machines – Marek Jaszczuk  - Silesian University of Technology

16.45-17.00 Management of operational safety of powered roof support – Marek Jaszczuk, Józef Markowicz –  Silesian University of Technology, Andrzej Meder – KOMAG,  Stanisław Szweda – Silesian University of Technology

Determination of parameters of powered roof support dynamic load, acting from the floor, treated randomly – Stanisław Szweda – Silesian University of Technology

17.15-17.30  Determination of low-cycle fatigue strength of powered roof support components basing on deformation criterion – Józef Markowicz – Silesian University of Technology

17.30-17.45 Decrease of production rates from a longwall face – Włodzimierz Sikora –  KOMAG

17.45-18.15 Discussion

18.15-18.30 Coffee break


Chairman: Dr.  Andrzej Meder –  KOMAG

18.30-18.45 Recapitulation the MECHSYS Centre of Excellence Project – Małgorzata Malec – Project Co-ordinator – KOMAG

18.45-19.00 Opinion concerning the realization of the MECHSYS Project – Mr. Andrea Gentili – Representative of the European Commission

19.00-19.15 Presentation of mementos to the most active participants of the MECHSYS Project

19.15-19.45 Meeting of the International Supervisory Board, the Partners of the MECHSYS CoE and the KOMTECH  2005 Scientific Committee Members

20.00-23.00 Welcome dinner

16th November 2005 r. (Wednesday)

7.00-7.45 Breakfast


Chairman: Professor Antoni Kalukiewicz – AGH University of Science and Technology

8.00-8.15 State-of-the-art  design solutions implemented in the KSW-460NE longwall shearer and their impact on safety and a reduction of hazards – Andrzej Skrzypiec – Zabrzańskie Mechanical Works, J.S.C.

8.15-8.30 Safe mining machines from Voest-Alpine Bergtechnik GmbH – Roman Gerer, Egmont Lammer, Nikolaus A. Sifferlinger, Franz Wels – Voest-Alpine Bergtechnik GmbH – Austria

8.30-8.45 Assessment of dangerous conditions of face mining machinery control systems, including operational safety criterion in case of mine water impact – Nina A. Mnukhina – Dongorselmash Scientific and Production Ltd. – Ukraine

8.45-9.00 Use of sensors to prevent gas outbursts from occurring: an improvement in safety in coal mines – María B. Díaz Aguado, Celestino González Nicieza – University of Oviedo – Spain

9.00-9.15 State-of-the-art solutions in the dust control system – Maciej Korczyński REMAG Repair Works, Edward Pieczora, Piotr Rojek, Tomasz Zacharz - KOMAG

9.15-9.30 Prospects of using electrohydraulic technologies – Anatoly G. Mnukhin –  Makeyevka State Safety in Mines Research Institute (MakNII) – Ukraine

9.30-9.45 Method for determining and comparing the behaviour of materials towards friction ignition – Carlos Fernández Ramón, Carlos Martínez Díaz, Teresa Muñoz de la Torre – J.M. Madariaga Official Laboratory – Spain


Coffee break


Chairman: Professor  Krzysztof Krauze – AGH University of Science and Technology

Management of production safety – Józef Matuszek – University  of Bielsko-Biała, Marek Smetana – Technical University of Ostrava

10.45-11.00 VR Technology in the life cycle of  technical artifacts: a possibility of methodology transfer within high risk industries  – Teodor Winkler, Dariusz Michalak – KOMAG, Waleed Salem – Fraunhofer Institute in Magdeburg – Germany, Timo Määttä – VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland in Tampere – Finland, Simone Colombo – Politecnica di Milano – Italy

11.00-11.15 Improving safety through virtual learning: transferring good practice from other industries – Damian Schofield – School of Computer Science and IT,  University of Nottingham – Great Britain

Design of the human-machine interface for different end-devices – Ruth Marzi – Technical University Berlin – Germany

11.30-11.45 Wireless LAN and Pocket PC’s, a new way for the IT-Infrastructure of hard coal mines – Ulrich Schmitz – DSK – Germany

11.45-12.00 Identification of mine and factory requirements as regards servicing of mining machines – Dariusz Michalak – KOMAG, Magdalena Rozmus – Silesian University of Technology

12.00-12.30 Discussion

12.30-13.30 Lunch

Sightseeing trip


Chairman: Professor Marek Jaszczuk – Silesian University of Technology

17.30-17.45  Innovative dimensioning of shield support improve longwall roof control – Urlich Langosch, Ulrich Ruppel, Günther Apel – Deutsche Montan Technologie GmbH – Germany

17.45-18.00 Geometrical analysis of the distance between driving wheels of the 2BP haulage system – Włodzimierz Sikora – KOMAG,  Jan Osadnik, Eryk Remiorz, Piotr Sobota – Silesian University of Technology

18.00-18.15 Some aspects of determination of bunker volumes in coal mines – Miloš Grujić – University of Belgrade – Serbia and Montenegro

Use of falk – Fourier analysis in diagnostics of shaft steelwork – Wojciech Batko, Andrzej Mikulski – AGH University of Science and Technology

18.30-18.45 Practical methods for diagnosing the technical condition of gears used for general applications – Jerzy Tomaszewski – KOMAG

18.45-19.00 Critical state of winning machines cutting tools – Jaroslav Vašek – Instytute of Geonics of the Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic – Czech Republic

On mechanical strength of mine equipment enclosure friction protective coatings – Anatoly G. Mnukhin, Vladislav A. Anokhin – Makeyevka State Safety in Mines Research Institute (MakNII) – Ukraine

19.15-19.45 Discussion

20.00-23.00 Dinner and Highlanders’ Show

17th November  2005  (Thursday)

7.00-7.45 Breakfast


Chairman: Professor Włodzimierz Sikora – KOMAG

8.00-8.15 Engineering modelling tools used in the mechanical testing of cardio-surgical RobIn Heart 2 telemanipulator  – Dagmara Tejszerska – Silesian University of Technology, Zbigniew Nawrat – Foundation of  Cardiosurgery Development, Medical University of Silesia, Grzegorz Ilewicz – Silesian University of Technology, Arkadiusz Kandora – Medical University of Silesia, Foundation of  Cardiosurgery Development

8.15-8.30 Comparing estimated low back loads from control interventions for underground coal mine roof bolter operators – Dean H. Ambrose, Gregory P. Cole – National Institute for Occupational Safety & Health (NIOSH), Pittsburgh Research Laboratory  (PRL) – USA

8.30-8.45 Use of virtual technology for a reconstruction of accidents in the mining industry – Teodor Winkler, Dariusz Michalak, Szczepan Bojara, Łukasz Jaszczyk – KOMAG

8.45-9.00 Identification of technical risk factors by computer simulations – Marek Dudek, Wojciech Chuchnowski, Jarosław Tokarczyk – KOMAG

Real time impact identification – Bartosz Błachowski, Grzegorz Mukułowski, Krzysztof Sekuła, Jan Holnicki-Szulc – Institute of Fundamental Technological Research Polish Academy of Sciences


Coffee break



Chairman: Professor Teodor Winkler  – KOMAG

10.00-10.15 Simulation studies of the excavator using the ADAMS System –  Wiesław Grzesikiewicz, Jarosław Seńko, Jan Szlagowski – Warsaw University of Technology

Controlling the operational movements of the truck mounted crane reducing the risk of  its stability loss – Jarosław Janusz, Jacek Kłosiński – University of Bielsko-Biała

10.30-10.45  Intelligent fixtures for unrotary work pieces – Peter Košťal, Karol Velíšek, Angela Javorová – Slovak University of Technology – Slovak Republic

10.45-11.00 Multi-purpose assembly system with automated tool exchange – Peter Košťal, Angela Javorova, Radovan Zvolensky – Slovak University of Technology – Slovak Republic

11.00-11.15 Concept of educating engineers in the Higher School of Mechatronics – Krzysztof Kluszczyński, Marek Kluszczyński, Bartosz Woźniakowski – Higher School of Mechatronics in Katowice

11.15-11.30 Development trends of KOMAG Laboratory of Mechatronics – Jerzy Tejszerski, Dariusz Jasiulek, Tomasz Pająk, Joanna Rogala – KOMAG


12.00-12.15 Recapitulation and closure of the conference

12.30-13.30 Lunch

13.30-14.30 Departure of conference participants

Conference secretary:

This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Conference venue:

“Koscielisko” Congress and Recreation Centre
101 St. Nedzy Kubinca Street, Zakopane-Koscielisko
tel/fax: +48-18-2079300, This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

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