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Studies on technical ability of mining machines in the aspect of their assembly

Teodor Winkler, Dariusz Michalak

A method of testing the technical ability of machines in the aspect of assembly was presented in the project. The method is based on a virtual prototyping of assembly/ disassembly operations, which are conducted in underground mining conditions and on testing and creating of assembly operation in the participation mode. Testing of assembly/disassembly operations in the participation mode is realized on the Internet platform with participation of experts from different domains and users. Scenarios, which describe activities that are conducted within realization of each testing step and creation of technical ability of machines in the aspect of assembly, are the factor which organizes activities within a session.

Realization of complex scenarios of assembly operations requires a specialistic knowledge from many fields. Thus, the method is addressed to a group of specialists involved in designing and manufacturing activities and to those who are responsible for the machine maintenance.