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KOMAG in the European Research Area

Broad, international relations and an interdisciplinary collaboration with foreign scientific and research institutes, technical universities, companies and enterprises, activities aiming at an integration with the European Research Area, extending traditional forms and scopes of collaboration, a generation of new projects, in particular within the scope of the priority fields of activity, specified by the European Union in the Framework Programmes and also a participation in international organizations, collaborative networks and technology platforms are measures of KOMAG's successes.

KOMAG takes an active part in the activities of three European Networks of Excellence:

  • AMAS NoE – Advanced Materials and Structures

(Polish Academy of Sciences)

  • ENVITECH-Net – Environmental Technologies

(Institute for Ecology of Industrial Areas)

  • EST – Environmentally Sustainable Transport

VITO Flemish Institute for Technological Research).

A European Commission's nomination of KOMAG to the role of he Centre of Excellence within the 5th Framework Programme in the scope of advanced, safe and reliable mechanical systems confirms a high, scientific position of KOMAG in the European Research Area. The experience, gained during a realization of that project and new partners, representing the leading research institutes in Europe, have had a strong impact on the subject matter and scope of scientific and research projects, developed by KOMAG and connected, among others, with the research on he relationship: man-machine-environment and a development of new generation mechanical systems.


The main objective of activities, undertaken by KOMAG and in particular connected with a realization of the basic, strategic tasks, is an integration with the European Research Area in the scope of designing, testing and production of machines as well as an increase in the competitiveness of Polish solutions in the European market.

In this case a close collaboration with the following foreign partners, representing the leading institutes in Europe, plays an essential role:

  • VITO Flemish Institute for Technological Research (Belgium),
  • VTT Technical Research Centre (Finland),
  • INRETS French National Institute for Transport and Safety Research (France),
  • University of Athens (Greece),
  • AITEMIN Technological Centre, LOM Laboratory, Universities of Oviedo and Valencia (Spain),
  • DMT GmbH & Co. KG, RAG AG, Fraunhofer Institute,Technical Universities in Aachen, Berlin, Clausthaland Munich (Germany),
  • HSL Health and Safety Laboratory, Mine Rescue Service, University of Nottingham (Great Britain),
  • University of Milan, Polytechnical University of Turin (Italy),
  • Universities in the Czech Republic, in the Slovak Republic and in Serbia, as well as Scientific and Research Institutes in Russia and in Ukraine.

The international activity of the KOMAG Institute is dominated by the problems resulting from its general strategy, according to which a participation in the European Union research programmes is one of top priorities. Activities oriented onto broadening traditional subjects and forms of collaboration and a realization of new research programmes are undertaken on a large scale. That in particular refers to the following domains: health, power-engineering, mechatronics, new materials and technologies as well as ecology.


A collaboration within the Research Fund for Coal and Steel develops in a very interesting way. Since 2008 KOMAG has been taking an active part in its activities, participating in the actions co-ordinated by the EURACOAL European Association for Coal and Lignite and also by the EUROMINES - European Mineral Resources RTD Council.