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Innovative solutions of mining machines increasing Poland's power security

Image According to decision of Director of the National Centre for Research and Development No. 59/2010 dated 15th January 2010, Scientific-and-Industrial Consortium KOMAG – ZZM, leader of which is the KOMAG Institute of Mining Technology received funds for a realization of the project within IniTech entitled “Innovative solutions of mining machines increasing power security in Poland” (acronym: INERG).
The project objective is to develop a new generation of mining machines designed for mining of medium-thickness seams, what will enable to increase competitiveness of Polish mining machines in the world markets. KOPEX-Technology, Ltd. also participates in the project.

The opening meeting was held at KOMAG on 3rd February 2010. Project realization will be supervised by the Committee consisting of the following members:
  • Teodor Winkler, Prof. Ph.D. Eng. and Edward Pieczora, Ph.D. Eng. from KOMAG,
  • Andrzej Meder, Ph.D. Eng. and Janusz Rupik, M.Sc. Eng. from ZZM-KOPEX, JSC,
  • Daniel Kwiecinski, Ph.D. Eng. from Kopex Technology, Ltd.