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Power and ecological effects of hard coal burning with rubber wastes

Joachim Kozioł
Piotr Matusiak


Wastes treatment is one the most important problems of modern civilization. There are reasons that incineration process can be a technology that solves the wastes problem. However incineration of wastes is problematic due to unstable composition of wastes as well as not even distribution of wastes in the incinerated mixture. In such a situation the control system should quickly adjust air parameters, mainly amount of air, to a changeable composition of wastes to make incineration complete with low emission.Rubber from used tyres is a waste that can be utilized as a fuel in burning processes or as a reducer in metallurgy and cement industry. Laboratory tests as well as industrial tests are required to get knowledge about phenomena that occur during burning of coal with admixture of waste rubber.
Ecological and power characteristics that determine impact of burning process parameters on emission of gases and enthalpy of emitted gases were determined. Problems in co-incineration of coal with rubber wastes like: rubber wastes content in a fuel, fuel thickness on a grate and air stream distribution (along the grate length) were discussed.
Such tests are often carried out, but complexity of the problem is so high that still there are many problems that are not clear enough.