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Rock cutting using experimental cutting-and-breaking head

Jonak J., Szkudlarek Z.


Detailed analysis of the present state-of-art as regards numerical, empirical and theoretical models describing cutting zone to increase cutting during mechanical cutting of rocks of high strength and high abrasion resistance was made.
Analytical model of rock cutting by a new generation head, which uses lower tensile and shear strength in relation to the pressing strength, was developed. Analytical model describing the process of loosing continuity of material in the modeled rock by an action of experimental cutting-and breaking head, was presented in the further part of the paper. Numerical testing, carried out on the base of chip formation mechanism as well as distribution and dislocation of stresses in area of cutting head action, were presented to verify results obtained from analytical calculations.
Also verifying stand tests, which determined qualitative relationships between design parameters and technological parameters and shape of broken rock were presented.
Basing on the results obtained from testing, an analysis of optimal technological parameters, which enable to devolop an algorithm for calculation of head’s geometrical parameters, was made.
Finally a proposal for a model of the cutting-and breaking head, which could be used for industrial testing, was given.