Impartiality and Confidentiality


The Attestation Testing Department Certification Unit operates within the structures of the KOMAG Institute of Mining Technology as an autonomous and independent unit.

The Institute, in the field of certification activities, conformity assessment and testing of products under the approval procedure, does not benefit from public aid or any other funds.

Fees related to certification paid by clients are determined, among other things, taking into account the principles set forth in the Regulation of the Minister of Development of August 22, 2016 on the manner of determining fees for activities related to mandatory conformity assessment of products (Journal of Laws 2016, item 1373).

Fees related to the implemented processes paid by Customers, are determined taking into account the principles set forth in the Price List. The costs of product evaluation, issuance, amendment and supervision of certificates are paid in full by the Applicant.

The impartiality and independence, of the Institute's certification and conformity assessment body is supervised by the Governing Board, which, in accordance with the regulations, annually evaluates the principles of the financial policy of the body in terms of its impartiality and the potential impact of commercial factors on the objective conduct of certification activities.


ITG KOMAG in the field of certification and conformity assessment, bearing in mind the public confidence in the conducted processes of certification of management systems, products, services, conformity assessment, makes every effort to maintain impartiality during them and to be perceived as an impartial entity, and thus contribute to confidence for the entire system of certification and conformity assessment.

Our goal is to make certification and conformity assessment decisions on the basis of objective evidence of conformity (or non-conformity) obtained and the absence of influence of any interest groups or other parties on these decisions.

To this end, an Impartiality Policy has been established and a Governing Board has been established to periodically assess the impartiality of the Certification Body's Attestation Department's certification and conformity assessment activities.




The Attestation Testing Department Certification Body ensures that at all levels of the organizational structure it declares confidentiality of all information obtained in connection with conformity assessment, certification, testing or inspection processes. The information obtained shall not be disclosed to a third party without the written consent of the applicant. If any information is required by law to be disclosed to a third party, the client is notified in advance of the need for disclosure.

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