Edition of a new series entitled “Scientific projects – the KOMAG’s monographs” was initiated at the KOMAG Institute of Mining Technology in 2003.

Presentation of significant problems referring to the scientific and research projects of the Institute is the series objective.

Titles given below are the result of research projects and grants realized at the KOMAG Institute and their objective is to present significant state-of-the-art design techniques and innovative technological solutions.

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Contact e-mail:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Method of parameterisation and selection of control algorithms for AFC’s



Krzysztof HERBUŚ

Methodology for identifying the selected mechanical hazards in auxiliary transport of underground mines


Air-water spraying method for reducing the methane and coal dust explosion hazard as well as for reducing the airborne dust concentration


Methodology for selection of operating point of an engine in a hybrid drive with use of simulation models

Arkadiusz MĘŻYK


Methodology for identification of significant sources of sound in areas of mining and power plant objects. Laboratory tests and theoretical studies


Prediction of frictional coupling of wheel and rail in control of braking systems of rail vehicles

Andrzej Baier

Andrzej Niedworok

Impact of parameters of spraying stream on reduction of concentration of dust generated by longwall shearer

Dominik Bałaga

Marek Jaszczuk

Ecological problems of diesel engines used in hard coal mine undergrounds

Krzysztof Kaczmarczyk

Marek Brzeżański

Methodology for identification of significant sources of sound in areas of mining and power plant objects. Laboratory tests and theoretical studies

Aneta Augustyn

Research work on wet dust control process of roadway air using a dispersion dust collector

Marek Jedziniak

Jan Hehlmann

Use of the energy recuperation system in a diesel engine of the mining machine

Jerzy Świder
Mariusz Woszczyński

An increasing number of electric and electronic devices in vehicles improves the safety and comfort of users as well as imposes higher requirements to power supply systems. Moreover, the global shortage of fuel requires a development of hybrid and electric vehicles. Recovery of waste thermal energy and its conversion into electricity are the economic and environment friendly methods to supply power to vehicles.

Tests of acoustic field in closed areas of power plants

Marek Pierchała

Power objects belong to strategic installations. Characteristics of tested objects make tests and acoustic analyses more difficult. Thus, it was necessary to verify and compare available methodologies in difficult testing conditions of power objects. Methodologies based on PN-IEC 1063:1996 Standard and PN-EN ISO 3744:1999 Standard, as well as on the measurement of normal component of sound intensity were analyzed. Acoustic measurements and numerical tests of acoustic field distribution in closed areas are the subject of this monograph. The tests were carried out for a typical power plant.

Computer aided tools for shaping of competencies of underground transport workers in coal mine

Łukasz Jaszczyk

A method of conducting training of coal mines' workers with use of ICT such as virtual reality, Augmented Reality and RFID is presented in this monograph entitled "Computer aided tools for shaping of competencies of underground transport workers in coal mine". The method is based on concept of mobile training facility. It allows conducting training with use of ICT in a training center, in machines manufacturer's facility, and at user's site. Due to use of modern ICT, increasing of trainees' involvement in training process and increasing of their capability to assimilate knowledge is possible. The developed method allows change in conducting of training.

Advisory system supporting roadheader operator

Józef Jonak
Joanna Rogala-Rojek

Development of roadways with use of roadheaders is the basic work in the mining industry, which opens coal seams for extraction. In the Polish mining industry over 92% of roadways is driven by the method of cutting with roadheaders. The suggestion of advisory system, supporting the operator in selection of operational parameters, which are optimal in the local mining condition, possible to be implemented in the roadheader, is presented.

Use of air-and-water aerosol in control of airborne dust concentration in mine air


In the Polish mining industry we observe high rate of incidence of pneumoconiosis. In the last decade over 4500 cases of pneumoconiosis among the people working in mine underground were reported. Recent implementation of mining concentration in Polish mines has lead to reduction of number of dust sources, what enables concentration of dust control equipment only in few places instead of dozen or so points in the mine. However, such a technological approach promotes generation of increased amount of dust in a confined space of underground workings.

Strength calculations of koepe pulley considering the selected dynamic loads

Krzysztof TUREWICZ

Hydrochemical modelling as a part of assessment of usability of wastes from underground mining in road construction

Bożena Rakwic

Wastes from hard coal mining industry make the highest stream of industrial wastes produced in Poland. Geotechnical parameters confirm the possibility of using those wastes in road construction. Besides the act on wastes, which is under preparation, treats the wastes as by-product in coal mining process. Lack of guidelines, which enable making assessment of wastes usability, taking into account specific properties of wastes and their changes, in association with geotechnical, construction, exploitation and environmental conditions, is a limitation for a development of this economically rational and technically favourable method of using wastes.

Impact of changes in feed parameters on operation of float system for control of collection of jig separation products

Stanisław Cierpisz
Daniel Kowol

Optimization of design features of mining machines’ drive systems in the aspect of their durability and reliability

Eugeniusz Świtoński, Wojciech Chuchnowski

Impact of gas accumulator parameters on the amounts characterizing the pressure change in annular compartment of the hydraulic leg

Stanisław Szweda, Krzysztof Mazurek

Studies on technical ability of mining machines in the aspect of their assembly

Teodor Winkler, Dariusz Michalak

Power properties of particles surface in the product of industrial coal flotation

Jerzy Sablik, Marek Lenartowicz

Influence of rubber fabric reinforced belt operational wear on change of belt’s percussive modulus of elasticity

Aleksander Lutyński, Stefan Gąsior

The influence of characterisation of water pulsation in water jigs on receiving selected mineral products process

Aleksander Lutyński, Mariusz Osoba

Impact of previous mining areas and tectonic disturbances on a possibility for rock burst occurrence

Zdzisław Kłeczek, Andrzej Zorychta, Dariusz Chlebowski, Włodzimierz Etryk, Adam Krzyżowski 

Computer aided methods for designing self-propelled road heading machines

Dudek M., Świtoński E., Winkler T., Prostański D., Wyrobek E., Tokarczyk J., Bojara S.

Occupational risk assessment associated with dust hazard in open pit rock mines

Sobala J., Grynkiewicz-Bylina B.

Testing the dynamics characteristics of multi-disk coupling integrated with planetary gear of the mining conveyors drives

Skoć A, Drwięga A

The analysis of propagation of the current and power of higher harmonics in the electrical net that contains non-linear receivers

Firczyk W.

Influence of impact energy of percussive mechanism on advance of hydraulic rotary-percussive drill

Kalukiewicz A., Nieśpiałowki K.