Laboratory of Material Engineering and Environment

Activity of the  Laboratory of Material Engineering and Environment includes research projects and tests in the field of material engineering, environment engineering and safe use of products.

Laboratory of Material Engineering and Environment has the Accreditation No. AB 910 of the Polish Accreditation Centre in Warsaw in the following scope of accreditation:

  • permanent
  • flexible.

certificate + scope accreditation  (AB 910)

flexible scope accreditation

Offer of the Laboratory of Material Engineering and Environment includes the following tests:

Testing the toys safety
For conformity with the requirements of the standard harmonized with  z 2009/48/EC Directive (Toys Safety Directive) as well as the following standards: PN-EN 71-1, PN-EN 71-2, PN-EN 71-3, PN-EN 71-8, PN-EN 62115.

Testing the surfaces and playground equipment
Tests according to the following standards: PN-EN 1176-1, PN-EN 1176-2, PN-EN 1176-3, PN-EN 1176-5, PN-EN 1176-6, PN-EN 1176-10, PN-EN 1176-11, PN-EN 1177.

Testing the wheeled child conveyances
Our laboratory is the only testing organization in Poland that offers accredited tests in a full scope of wheeled child conveyances such as prams, baby strollers and double strollers. The tests are realized according to the requirements of PN-EN 1888:2012 “Child care articles. Wheeled child conveyances. Safety requirements and test methods"

Testing the toxic substances in child articles 
in toys, books and  school supplies, soothers, cutlery, feeding and drinking equipment, child care articles, wheeled child conveyances, bicycles, baby walking frames, reclined cradles, baby carries as well as safety barriers and others.

Testing the safety of use of children’s articles
Children’s articles sold on the European market should be tested to confirm their conformity with the safety requirements specified in the standards harmonized with  Directive No. 2001/95/EC.

Testing the global migration from plastics and plastic products intended to come into contact with food
The tests are realized according to standards form PN-EN 1186 group, with use of model liquids.

Material tests
Analysis of chemical composition of steel and cast iron products to verify material grade, to measure hardness and thickness of metal products, to determine surface roughness and thickness of protective coatings as well as assessment of resistance to corrosion of metal products and protective coatings.

Testing the electric and electronic equipment for conformity with RoHS Directive
According to RoHS 2011/65/EU Directive use of the following toxic substances in electric and electronic equipment is restricted: lead, mercury, cadmium, hexavalent chromium as well as polybrominated biphenyls (PBB) and polybrominated diphenyl ethers (PBDE).

Testing the barbeques burning solid fuels and firelighters for barbequing

Barbeques and firelighters sold on the European market should be tested to confirm their conformity with the requirements of  PN-EN 1860-1,3,4 standards harmonized with the Directive No. 2001/95/EC

Testing the resistance to light and impact of atmosphere

The Laboratory offers tests in environment engineering according to the requirements of PN-EN ISO/IEC 17025:2018-02 Management System. In this scope the Laboratory offers analyses of physical-and-chemical properties of industrial wastes, including mining wastes, as regards possibility of using the wastes in the power industry or as aggregates for road construction as well as of their impact on environment.

The Laboratory takes part in research activities of the Polish Testing Laboratories Club POLLAB, including the Division of Materials Testing, the Division of Machines, Equipment and Transportation Means as well as POLLAB-CHEM/EURACHEM-PL Division. Specialists from the Laboratory take part in activities of Toy Safety Forum and Committee No 237 on Babies and Toddlers Articles and Toys Safety. They organize trainings on safe use of toys, including trainings within branch fairs organized every year.