Monograph 12

Occupational risk assessment associated with dust hazard in open pit rock mines

Sobala J., Grynkiewicz-Bylina B.


Monograph presents the results of research study which was oriented onto the occupational risk assessment of open pit rock mine personnel associated with dust generated during mining process which uses explosives.
Range of the study included an identification of dust concentration level and type of dust in atmosphere of selected workings as well as analysis of individual exposure of workers to dust and evaluation of occupational risk level. The analysis of the current method correctness to determine an exposure to dust was carried out and some imperfections as regards the specific conditions in the workings were pointed out.
Basing on an analysis of own measurement results a concept of new model for exposure to dust, including individual distribution of dust fractions for every seam, wind speed and seam humidity was developed. The level of occupational risk was determined by use of new model of exposure to dust and its correctness was verified on the basis of distribution of risk and rate of occupational diseases.
Characteristics of dust concentration in a function of run-of-mine amount and evaluation of dust amount generated during explosives detonation were determined.