Mechanical properties of children articles

In the interest of health and proper development of children…


Children’s articles which are about to be placed in the European market should be tested for conformity with safety requirements described in standards harmonized with the General Product Safety Directive No. 2001/95/EC.

Accredited KOMAG Laboratory of Material Engineering and Environment, responding to current needs of manufacturers, importers and distributors, offers tests of:







  • soothers and soother holders,
  • drinking equipment – bottles as well as cutlery and feeding utensils,
  • baby backpack carriers with a frame and soft carriers,
  • baby walking frames,
  • wheeled child conveyances,
  • baby’s reclined cradles,
  • high chairs,
  • changing units,
  • playpens,
  • children clothing as well as safety harnesses and child reins,
  • child seats for cycles,
  • infant swings,
  • baby bouncers
  • safety barriers,
  • cribs, cradles, bunk beds and high beds.

Children’s articles are tested according to the requirements of the following standards:

PN-EN 1400 Soothers for babies and young children

PN-EN 12586 Soother holder

PN-EN 14350 Drinking equipment

PN-EN 14372 Cutlery and feeding utensils

PN-EN 13209 Baby carriers

PN-EN 1273 Baby walking frames

PN-EN 1888 Wheeled child conveyances

PN-EN 1466 Carry cots and stands

PN-EN 12790 Reclined cradles

PN-EN 14988 Children high chairs

PN-EN 12221 Changing units for domestic use

PN-EN 12227 Playpens for domestic use

PN-EN 14682 Children’s clothing – cords and drawstrings

PN-EN 14036 Baby bouncers

PN-EN 14344 Child seats for cycles

PN-EN 16232 Infant swings

PN-EN 1930 Safety barriers

PN-EN 716 Children’s cots and folding cots for domestic use

PN-EN 1130 Crips and cradles for domestic use

PN-EN 747 Bunk beds and high beds

PN-EN 13210 Children’s safety harnesses reins and similar type articles


Competence of laboratory specialists in the scope of testing children’s articles is confirmed by positive results of interlaboratory comparisons, performed regularly since 2011 in cooperation with accredited foreign laboratories.