Barbecues burning solid fuels as well as solid fuels and firelighters for barbecueing tests

The European Parliament and Council 2001/95/EC Directive of 3rd December 2001, regarding general products safety, imposes on manufacturers and distributors requirements of use safety guarantee for the products that are about to be placed on the market and are intended to be sold and dedicated to customers, including grills.

A grill can be considered as safe if it is conformable to PN-EN 1860 Standards harmonized with the above-mentioned Directive.

An offer of the KOMAG Laboratory of Material Engineering and Environment covers solid fuel - fired grills and firelighters for solid fuel inflaming tests performed within flexible scope of accreditation.

Scope of test covers among others:

  • product quality,
  • geometrical dimensions of construction elements,
  • engine’s work duration,
  • stability, durability and resistance to mechanical damage,
  • flammability and resistance of firelighters to humidity.