Tests of wheeled child conveyances

KOMAG Laboratory of Material Engineering and Environment, as the only testing unit in Poland, offers full range of accredited tests of wheeled child conveyances. Among others deep, walking and twin carriages are tested. All the tests are carried out according to PN-EN 1888:2012 “Child Care Articles. Wheeled Child Conveyances. Safety Requirements And Test Methods” Standard.

The scope of the offer covers tests of:

  • durability of a pushchair construction on an irregular surface,
  • handle strength,
  • abrasion resistance of wheels,
  • durability and effectiveness of a braking and parking device,
  • strength of wheels,
  • strength to twisting and stretching of pushchair parts,
  • strength of attachment devices for fixing pram bodies and seat units,
  • durability and effectiveness of restraint system and fasteners,
  • durability of harness anchorage points and attachment of the restraint system to the seat unit,
  • release of a locking mechanism by one single action,
  • entrapment of head, body or fingers,
  • stability of baby carriages and longitudinal stability of the pram body with carrying handles,
  • accessibility of the filling materials,
  • durability of handle anchorage points of pram bodies and detachable seat unit,
  • marking durability,
  • geometric parameters of a pushchair,
  • thickness of an internal lining of pram body or seat unit and plastic packaging,
  • flammability and hazardous substances used in baby carriage construction materials.