Tests of hydraulic actuating components

The Laboratory of Tests carries out testing of hydraulic actuating components of powered roof supports for conformity with the safety requirements acc. to items 5.1 ÷ 5.11 of the PN-EN 1804-2+A1:2010 Standard.

The scope of testing includes as follows:

  • testing the extension limiter acc. to item A.1.2.1 of the Standard,
  • yield tests acc. to items A.1.2.2 and A.1.3.3 of the Standard,
  • static overload test acc. to item A. of the Standard,
  • dynamic overload tests acc. to item A. of the Standard,
  • leak-proof test acc. to item A.1.2.4 of the Standard,
  • bend test acc. to item A.1.3.2 of the Standard,
  • life tests acc. to item A.1.4 of the Standard,
  • functionality test acc. to item A.1.4.5 of the Standard,
  • testing the transportation catches acc. to item A.1.5 of the Standard.