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3DSPEC project Consortium meeting and Steering Committee meeting


3DSPEC project Kick-off meeting as well as project Steering Committee meeting were held in KOMAG on 29 November 2016. The main project objective is development and implementation of e-learning course on 3D printing technology and its application in professional activities in areas like: design, education and healthcare. The course will be available in 4 languages: English, Spanish, Polish and Slovene.


3D printing centre as well as internet platform for ordering 3D printing will be also developed to enable practical use of knowledge acquired during the course.

The 3DSPEC consortium consists of 5 partners from three different countries and the project is coordinated by the KOMAG Institute, Poland. This consortium comprises one SME, two research institutes and two schools for adults.

3DSPEC consortium consists of:

  • partners from Poland:
    • KOMAG: Institute of Mininig Technology KOMAG
    • PCKZiU: District Centre for Vocational and Continuing Education
  • partners from Spain:
    • IBV: Biomechanics Institute of Valencia
    • EXOVITE: Exovite Hermo Medical Solutions, S.L.
  • partner from Slovenia:
    • SCV: School Centre Velenje

More information: http://3dspec.eu/

The project is realized within Key Action 2: Strategic partnerships in the field of Vocational education and training, in programme Erasmus+ 2016