Measurements of mechanical quantities

The Laboratory of Tests takes measurements of the following mechanical quantities (according to PB-DLB2-09 procedure):

  • relative elongation (strain gauge measurements),
  • displacement (by an inductive displacement converter),
  • pressure (by a strain gauge pressure converter),
  • force (by a force converter or indirectly by pressure measurement),
  • liquid flow intensity (by a flowmeter).

The following special measuring instruments are used for measurements of the above-mentioned quantities:

  • multipoint measuring system for measurements and recording of relative elongations, pressures and displacements,
  • measuring amplifiers,
  • recorders,
  • measuring amplifiers with a software and a possibility of computer recording for the measurements of quick-changing parameters,
  • strain gauge pressure converters, inductive displacement converters, resistance strain gauges, strain gauge dynamometers and turbine flowmeters,
  • measuring-and-recording system on the ZD-100 material testing machine.